Maui Wild Boar Hunt

Heart Pounding, Soul Finding, LIVE ACTION

The hunt of a lifetime with a guide you will never forget!! Monster HOG

Wild pig hunting is a way of life for many Hawaiians as well as a passed down tradition.  For many of us, hunting is our Costco, we just have to catch our meat first. On these hunts we go to the most pristine areas of Maui that most people never get to experience.  We do lots of walking through beautiful lush fern country rarely visited by even most locals. We track the pigs using our knowledge of the land and the dogs highly trained senses.  It is a heart pounding, exhilarating rush when the dogs have cornered a big pig.  In order to perpetuate our cultural tradition, we only use dog and knife or spear.



 Wild pig hunt through pristine Maui mountains.  We use knives and dogs only, “Hawaiian Style”. These animals are not fenced, fed or watered and are 100% WILD. We operate by a philosophy that pairs a cycle of cultivating and harvesting plants and animals, while conserving the same resources and living in balance with our environment.

You will be provided with Muck boots, blazing orange t-shirt, and a backpack containing your lunch, water, first aid kit, headlamp and rain gear.



 Minimum age 10 years old.

Must be able to walk 4 miles comfortably through the mountains.

Must obtain a Hawaii State Hunting License

Must have proof of completing a Hunter Safety Course from your state.



Follow instructions from this link.

In Person:

 Take proof of completing a Hunter Safety Course to West Maui Sports and Fishing Supply in Lahaina or the Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Maui Branch in Wailuku.